Optimize Your Sitefinity Experience with Instructor-Led Training

Optimize Your Sitefinity Experience with Instructor-Led Training

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When it comes to CMS or DXP platforms, Progress Sitefinity is among the most robust and powerful. However, your platform is only as good as the people that maintain it. Having the know-how to take full advantage of all of its features can be challenging without proper training.

Today’s digital marketers have to do it all: optimize revenue, deepen relationships with consumers, create captivating content, and analyze data—all while driving growth. Developers too are tasked to create, test, and deploy amazing digital experiences which achieve the aforementioned goals.

Whether you're a marketer looking to build a brand, acquire new users, grow a business, or a developer looking to simply sharpen your Sitefinity skills, you don't want to get there without attending our upcoming Sitefinity instructor-led training courses.

Return on Investment

Sitefinity training is essential to be able to effectively harness the full power of your Sitefinity platform. Expert-led training also leads to improved productivity and exemplifies your company’s commitment to their talent. In addition, training reduces the risk of all of your digital platform knowledge residing in the head of a single person. Teams that are well trained can complete tasks more efficiently and accurately than one person.

Sitefinity Virtual Instructor-Led Courses

Sitefinity training is available in both on-demand and virtual instructor-led formats. Progress Sitefinity on-demand courses provide convenience, as they are available online and self-paced. If you’re seeking a more interactive and personalized experience, then our Sitefinity virtual instructor-led training offers the ability to work directly with and learn from renowned Sitefinity experts.

With the upcoming Sitefinity Insight and Sitefinity Advanced Developer courses available for over a 50% discount, there’s no better time than now to reserve your spot for an upcoming instructor-led course. To see the full Sitefinity course schedule, visit our training page.

Sitefinity Training Schedule

1/13-14 – Sitefinity Training for Developers
2/2 – Sitefinity SiteSync Training
2/15-17 – Sitefinity Advanced Developer Course
3/10-11 – Sitefinity Training for Developers
4/13 – Sitefinity SiteSync Training
1/10 – Sitefinity Training for Business Users
1/11-12 – Sitefinity Training for Admins & Designers
2/1 – Sitefinity Insight Training
3/7 – Sitefinity Training for Business Users
3/8-3/9 – Sitefinity Training for Admins & Designers
4/12 – Sitefinity Insight Training


Customized Training Programs

Progress Sitefinity experts will work with you to develop a customized instructor-led training program to suit the specific goals and needs of your team. Contact the Progress Professional Services team to build a customized training program.

Contact the Professional Services Team

We’ve Got You Covered

Whether it’s on-demand, instructor-led, or customized training, Progress Professional Services has you covered. Proper training is a critical step in ensuring the strength of your web presence, so arming your digital marketers and developers with the skills needed to maintain your Sitefinity platform experience should be at the top of your priority list.

In the long run, Sitefinity instructor-led training will save you time and money by empowering your team to efficiently and effectively manage your Sitefinity platform. Contact Progress Services today for your training needs.

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Rochelle Wheeler

Rochelle Wheeler is a Global Demand Generation Marketing Lead with Progress’ Infrastructure Team and focuses her efforts on the Kemp LoadMaster load balancing solution. With over two decades of successful marketing and project management experience, she has launched campaigns for companies ranging from boutique agencies to Fortune 500 enterprises. You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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