Opening the Doors of Transformation for Our Partners

Opening the Doors of Transformation for Our Partners

Posted on June 20, 2016 0 Comments
Opening the Doors of Transformation for Our Partners 870x220

Digital Transformation presents amazing new opportunities for each and every one of you, our partners. We’re committed to supporting you every step along the way.

When we launched our new brand, we spoke about the amazing opportunity before us to change an entire industry. As a Progress Partner, you may have wondered what this means to you. The short answer is that our new products present you with the chance to open up new markets and grow your business in ways you never could before.

Meeting Today’s Expectations

Digital expectations have changed, and today we all expect to have just as good access to apps and services from our desks as we do from our mobile devices. Customers do the majority of their research before ever interacting with a sales agent, making it essential to deliver the right content to the right channel at the right time.

Without flexible systems that talk to each other, this kind of omni-channel personalization just isn’t possible. Customers are looking for this, and if you’re not offering it, they’re going to look elsewhere.

The Progress Vision

Many companies talk about the process of digital transformation, but they don’t have the right solutions to make it happen seamlessly and easily. This leaves organizations trying to stitch together numerous tools to fill in the gaps. With DigitalFactory, we have a single suite that provides frictionless integration with your existing systems, while at the same time opening up new doors and opportunities.

This allows you to do things you never could before. Whether or not you have the capability to support an entire holistic suite of software on your own, you can now do so very simply with the support of Progress. You can pursue new markets and grow your business more easily than ever.

A True Partnership

As many of our partners who have been here for years know well, the strength of our program is in the level of support we give. The PartnerPlus program delivers a stair-step framework that helps guide you to the next step in your digital transformation, no matter where you are today or how quickly you want to move. All the foundational pieces you need—from the program to the support to the training and more—we give you as part of our enablement and empowerment process.

We make it our priority to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. Our partners are helping each other digitally transform as well, helping with design and marketing and other aspects, and we’re excited to see our partner community collaborating so effectively.

It’s Time to Transform

You saw it at PartnerNEXT—the industry is transforming, and that brings with it both challenges and opportunities. In our recent survey, a majority of business decision makers felt they had a year or less to make digital inroads before suffering competitively, and even more worried it was already too late.

As a Progress Partner, with our dedicated support and the DigitalFactory suite behind you, we believe you can not only adapt to emerging digital needs, but be an industry leader. No matter where you feel your business is today, we’ll help you get to tomorrow. That’s what our PartnerPlus program and DigitalFactory are all about, and we look forward to where we’ll go together.


Kim King

Vice President, Worldwide Partners and Channels.


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