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Comprehensive Solution for Crafting and Managing Sophisticated Digital Experiences

You’re contending with constant change—producing, developing and leveraging technology to keep ahead of the competition. How do you keep it all straight in a way your customers will understand? Delivering the right experience to the right customer at the right time, and doing so across any device and technology, requires a holistic approach.

From your website to your backend systems to your deployment and employee processes—all you do should optimize the customer experience and reinforce organizational excellence. Progress DigitalFactory fills the void for a multi-dimensional digital solution that both transforms your business and how customers engage with you. The result: a new horizon to conquer.

  • Seamless cross-channel digital experiences that guide customers through their journey—on their terms: web, mobile, wearables and more
  • Faster time to market from increased business and IT collaboration
  • More sophisticated content integration driven by data
  • Lower costs and less effort to manage technical infrastructure
  • Higher revenue from better customer behavior insights

Take a Holistic Digital Approach

Just as you have multiple senses, today’s customers have a multi-sensory experience as they engage with your organization. From your website, mobile app and chat agent, to phone or in-person contacts, to automated billing, every touchpoint must work in sync to create a superior customer experience that delivers revenue-producing outcomes. Think beyond your website. Your entire business, processes and employees must complement each other.

DigitalFactory for Engagement

Free your marketing team to apply content when and where it counts with a unified command center. Shape and analyze each unique customer journey, then build and deploy websites and mobile apps quickly by leveraging existing skills, all while fostering business/IT collaboration.

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DigitalFactory for Sites

Apply innovative content management and infrastructure approaches that help produce dynamic, captivating web experiences. Marketing can publish in real time while IT simultaneously meets security and governance requirements. Get the agility and global scalability you need, all with innovative UI capabilities.

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DigitalFactory for Mobile

Connect with customers in the ways they demand with faster, tailored mobile experiences for any device and data source. Create a winning mobile strategy founded on mastery of the product lifecycle, from initial design all the way to measuring results

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100% Customized for You

Every business has unique needs and specifications. Our team will sit with you to understand your web needs and determine how best to implement the DigitalFactory solution.

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DigitalFactory is one of the digital business solutions that help you conquer business challenges of today’s fluid digital landscape.