The State of Digital Business

Key insights from IT decision makers across the globe about the business impact of digital challenges.

Digital technologies are radically transforming every facet of business. Yet, many organizations continue to resist change. This inaction leaves decision makers facing a stark reality: they must digitally transform to survive—and do it quickly.

This Report on the State of Digital Business based on surveying over 700 decision makers across the globe to understand how business leaders view digital transformation, then learn what they plan to do about it.

Key findings:

  • 62% say their organization is in denial about the need to transform digitally
  • 55% say they have a year or less to make digital inroads before suffering financially and competitively
  • 59% are worried its already too late

The findings should serve as a wake-up call. Businesses must act soon, or risk failure.

Next steps and other insightful findings are summarized in the report, Are Businesses Really Digitally Transforming or Living in Digital Denial? A Report on the State of Digital Business.

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