NativeChat Integrates With Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant

NativeChat Integrates With Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant

Posted on October 15, 2019 0 Comments
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The NativeChat team is pleased to announce that we are releasing an integration between NativeChat and Amazon Alexa.

The Rise of Voice Assistants

Over the last few years, voice assistants (VAs) changed the way we interact with our devices. To some this was a somewhat strange experience, but many more felt that this was a more natural way of interacting with many of the services provided by our phones and computers.

Many companies took this as an opportunity to enhance the customer experience and provided some of their core functionality via a set of voice commands, thus becoming more customer-friendly and strengthening their brand.

Voice assistants are not only popular because of the convenience of talking to a device, but also because they come very handy when your hands are busy—such as when you're cooking—or more importantly when your eyes should be focused be elsewhere—like when you're driving.

One of the leading VAs is Amazon Alexa. It's ubiquitous—we interact with Alexa through our TVs, Bluetooth speakers, cars and even remote controls! It's no coincidence—the wealth of more than 80 000 Alexa skills (integrations with other cloud services) help us to be more productive and get more enjoyment from our daily lives.

NativeChat Integration

NativeChat is a patented innovative platform for effortlessly building chatbots. Until now, a NativeChat Chatbot could be published on the web or inside of mobile apps, Facebook Messenger and Viber. It made sense for the NativeChat team to build an Alexa integration that capitalizes on the strengths of both platforms.

We are happy to announce that this feature is immediately available. Let's see it in action!


We are one of the first providers enabling you to use the new Alexa format for showing suggestions on Alexa devices with screens (of course, voice-only devices are fully supported). What's more, we are supporting SSML so you have additional control over how Alexa generates the speech.

You can create a new chatbot or augment existing one, integrate it with Alexa skills, and let end users invoke it. Publishing your chatbot to your existing Amazon developer account takes just a push of a button! And, of course, your bot can be published as part of your web site, mobile app, or leading messaging platforms.

Try it Yourself

Interested? You can build a chatbot right away, it's free! Simply go to the NativeChat Portal and start creating. To aid you while you develop your bot and integrate it with Alexa, we have prepared a handy tutorial.

To learn more about NativeChat or get in touch with the team, visit our site.


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