Modernize Access to IBM DB2 for z/OS Mainframe Data with a REST API

Modernize Access to IBM DB2 for z/OS Mainframe Data with a REST API

Posted on June 21, 2018 0 Comments
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It's time to modernize your data access. Our new whitepaper reveals a methodology to securely “REST-enable” your mainframe to leverage its data throughout the enterprise.

Mainframes may not be trendy, but they continue to be critically important for their powerhouse ability to process the high volume of transactions required by industries such as financial services, retail and government.

However, today’s challenge is to safely access mainframe data for use across the enterprise, in custom applications, webpages and off-the-shelf app integration. That requires modernizing data access to IBM DB2 for z/OS.

Database Modernization Calls for a REST API

The REST API is increasingly popular for accessing enterprise data from web and mobile applications, as well as modern programming languages. DB2 has implemented its own version of a REST API for that very reason, as have Teradata, Oracle and MarkLogic among others. In a Progress-hosted webinar with Sanjeev Mohan from Gartner on what’s new in REST APIs for databases, a poll of 980+ registrants cited these drivers in order of importance for REST-enabling enterprise databases such as IBM DB2 for z/OS:

  1. Connect from cloud apps
  2. Keep sensitive data behind the firewall
  3. Connect from mobile apps
  4. Connect from modern languages

While more than 70% of respondents indicated a need to keep sensitive data behind the firewall, there’s still a strong desire to access that data from mobile, cloud and analytics applications. REST, and by extension, OData, are the solution.

Explore the Options

In our new Progress whitepaper—How to REST-Enable Your Mainframe—you’ll learn:

  • Options to securely REST-enable DB2 on z/OS
  • Why REST, and by extension, OData, are the solution
  • The critical role Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline plays in REST-enabling IBM z/OS

Download Your Copy Today

In addition, for a tutorial about REST-enabling IBM DB2 for z/OS using OData without requiring any specific patches or upgrades to the mainframe, read Sumit Sakar’s blog, DB2 for z/OS Mainframe REST Services Using OData.

The best way to integrate enterprise data with the cloud is OData. Get started today to REST-enable your DB2 data on the mainframe.


Nishanth Kadiyala

Nishanth Kadiyala is a Technical Marketing Manager at Progress. He got his B.Tech degree from IIT Guwahati and his MBA from UNC Chapel Hill. He has worked on several technologies including database designing, SQL querying and Cloud Computing in the past. Currently, he is committed to educating enterprises about standards based connectivity via ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and OData. He is also proficient with DataDirect Hybrid Connectivity Services – DataDirect Cloud and Hybrid Data Pipeline. You can stay in touch with him through Twitter.


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