Killik & Co Seamlessly Integrates MongoDB and SQL Server

Killik & Co Seamlessly Integrates MongoDB and SQL Server

Posted on January 26, 2016 0 Comments

Killik & Co successfully integrated MongoDB and SQL server, resulting in significant time and cost savings using Progress® DataDirect®.

Who is Killik & Co

Killik & CoKillik & Co is wealth management firm operating in over 30 markets globally. They pride themselves on accessibility, trust, and integrity. Currently, they track and store all customer interactions in  . Upon the adoption of MongoDB, they realized that they could dramatically improve their client management system by storing client information on MongoDB in a single view. This reduced their client summary time from 15-20 seconds to 50 milliseconds!

With this success, processes gradually moved from SQL to MongoDB. The challenge came when Killik & Co had no real way to connect MongoDB to their SQL Server instance.

MongoDB Data Integration Made Simple

Progress held a session at a MongoDB conference in London which caught the attention of Simon Cater (Lead Systems Developer, Killik & Co) who later said: “Progress DataDirect Connect for ODBC was exactly the piece of technology we were missing, to connect SQL Server with MongoDB.” DataDirect Connect allowed Killik & Co to expose MongoDB data as normalized, relational tables, similar to the schema in its SQL CRM system. This breakthrough allowed them to seamlessly query and aggregate data from both systems, creating a far more comprehensive view of their customers.

“Progress DataDirect has enabled our Development and MI reporting teams to consolidate data held in MongoDB with data held in SQL Server in a seamless manner, enabling data analysis and management reporting from new and existing legacy systems," says Craig Gould (Head of Systems Development, Killik & Co).

Progress DataDirect Connect Just Works

These were Simons words exactly: “Progress DataDirect Connect just works.” Once SQL Server and MongoDB were successfully integrated, new projects were easy to implement and configuring new connections and schemas took far less time, resulting in massive cost savings. Progress created a security blanket for Killik & Co, allowing them to experiment with the product with the full support of the Progress support team.

DataDirect provides some of the most seamless, timely, quick integration services in the industry. Pick up a free trial of MongoDB ODBC Driver and SQL Server ODBC Driver today and experience firsthand what companies like Killik & Co, Pacer Group, and Yamaha have seen—customer success spurred by quality solutions. For more information on how we helped Killik & Co succeed take a look at their customer success story,"How Killik & Co Makes Progress."

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose

Suzanne Rose was previously a senior content strategist and team lead for Progress DataDirect.


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