It’s a New Year for DataDirect! Cloud and Hybrid OpenEdge Access is Here

It’s a New Year for DataDirect! Cloud and Hybrid OpenEdge Access is Here

Posted on January 13, 2014 0 Comments

Happy 2014! The best part about the New Year is the exciting changes it brings with it, and here at Progress, we definitely have some big news to share! We mentioned it at Exchange 2013, and now it’s here – DataDirect cloud and hybrid access to OpenEdge data, even on-premises!

The update will:

1.    Bridge Hybrid Environments: You may be trying to move your customers to a SaaS deployment, but if so, it’s important that they get there incrementally.  DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline allows your SaaS application to communicate with the customer’s on-premise version. You don’t have to worry about firewall issues and configurations – DataDirect takes care of it for you. Now you can easily perform a data migration into the SaaS app, run queries no matter where the data resides, and build processes or rules that span both apps. This works for Rollbase to OpenEdge and OpenEdge to OpenEdge deployments.

2.    Simplify Your Infrastructure: A particularly beneficial aspect of DataDirect's cloud and hybrid architecture is that it provides you a single interface to any of the data sources it supports. The error handling is the same – missing features are emulated, and data types are standardized. That means you now have a unified way to access your business applications, including your CRM, Marketing Automation, and OpenEdge or Rollbase apps. With zero coding you can connect your analytics, dashboards, reporting tools, and even data warehouses to any of these data sources – with just one interface. If you work in software, you know that is all goodness.

I could wax on with many other benefits too, like performance, security, elastic scalability, and so forth. We have all the –illities but best that you check them out yourself. Head over to DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline and learn more about our cloud and hybrid connectivity solution.  Hybrid Data Pipeline is available for a free trial period of 90 days so you’ll get plenty of time to play around and kick the tires.

The last piece, of course, is how all of this connects together. Peter Judge, that wonderful fellow I’m sure many of the PUG attendees know quite well, has created a set of OOABL classes that wrap this process in an easy to use API. This works with any DataDirect connectivity solution, including relational, SaaS, and Big Data. You can download it here.

So there you are – hopefully a nice surprise to kick-off 2014. I wish you all a healthy and efficient New Year!


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