Improved Data Integrations and Extensibility in Corticon

Improved Data Integrations and Extensibility in Corticon

Posted on June 07, 2017 0 Comments
Improved Data Integrations and Extensibility in Corticon_870x220

In the latest Corticon release, we introduce new features to make rules management even easier. In this post we walk through the highlights.

Progress is proud to announce the release of Corticon 5.6.1; the latest version of Progress’ leading Business Rules Engine (BRE). This release provides new options for data integration and extensibility. Following are highlights of some of the enhancements in 5.6.1. More details can be found at our what’s new page.

Progress Corticon is a leader in business rules management, providing a solution that is both powerful and flexible. Corticon empowers both IT and business users to manage business rules outside the application, making it easy to automate complex rules without coding.

Corticon 5.6.1 is available to all current active Corticon users. New users are also welcome to evaluate the latest version.

Highlights of Corticon 5.6.1

Advanced Data Callout

The Advanced Data Callout (ADC) provides a new mechanism for accessing database data from your rules. ADC provides complete control over the queries used to access data and when they are performed. It is ideal for use cases where large amounts of data need to be retrieved, such as in batch processing. ADC complements the existing Enterprise Data Connector (EDC), so you now have two ways to access database data from rules.

Enhanced Extension Features

The long-established extension features of Corticon have been enhanced. If you are licensed for Corticon EDC you can now use DataDirect drivers bundled with Corticon in your extensions. Using DataDirect drivers makes it easy to create and deploy custom extensions which access database data. Also enhanced is the service callout API. You can now create custom callouts which accept properties defined on an instance of the callout in a ruleflow. This allows you to create generic callouts which can be reused by allowing configuration properties to be specified on each instance.

Linux Installer

Corticon has long supported deployment to Linux but has not provided a native installer. The new Linux installer includes the Progress Application Server (PAS). You can now install on Linux and have a production ready Corticon deployment ready to go in minutes.

Learn More

You can head here to learn more about Corticon, or to request a demo, click the link below. And as always, you can post questions to the Corticon community.

Request a Demo

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