How-To: Using DataDirect Connect for ODBC Driver with the Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC

How-To: Using DataDirect Connect for ODBC Driver with the Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC

March 11, 2011 0 Comments

We’ve all been there - you’ve leveraged a heterogeneous service agent and successfully completed that application that will pull and integrate data from multiple sources quickly and flexibly. Or, so you think. As soon as you start testing, you realize the connectivity  just isn’t cutting it. It’s too slow; it’s not scaling properly – whatever the reason, it can be maddening. What’s a developer to do? First - take a deep breath. Second – let us help!

Often times, multi-database consolidation issues arise at the agent-driver level. Without a high-performing, scalable driver, you’re deployment speed will suffer and you’ll constantly be monitoring for maintenance needs. For Oracle customers, specifically, there are many intricacies involved with Database Gateway ODBC connectivity. Using Progress’ DataDirect Connect for ODBC drivers, you'll see improved scalability and performance levels and achieve the speed you need.

If you’ve struggled or are struggling with this issue - check out our how-to guide “Using DataDirect Connect® for ODBC with the Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC”. In addition to access to the spiffy illustration of the Oracle Database Gateway architecture, you'll also find:

  • details on the ins and outs of Oracle Database Gateway ODBC connectivity
  • real-world Connect for ODBC code examples
  • tips and links to help you troubleshoot

As always, we’re here to help – connect with us in the ODBC forum, by email, phone or just post a comment here.




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