Get Better Access to Analytics with a Sound Data Replication Strategy

Get Better Access to Analytics with a Sound Data Replication Strategy

July 30, 2015 0 Comments

Learn how Electrical Equipment Company used data replication to dramatically improve access to analytics data.

With an antiquated data warehouse EECO (Electrical Equipment Company) was having a difficult time accessing analytics data, to the point where the ability to make timely business decisions based on the latest data was becoming a problem. Data replication was incomplete and the entire ERP system was becoming more and more difficult to manage.

But when the ERP system loses its ability to get decision making data into the right hands at the right time, action has to be taken. EECO realized a sound data replication strategy was in order. A long-time Progress customer – EECO’s Infor-based ERP system has been running on Progress® OpenEdge® for the past 15 years – Progress was a natural choice for EECO to get its data warehouse in order.

EECO had the foresight to do a database assessment and tuning prior to its replication project. “We wanted to make sure our database was running as optimally as possible before implementing the replication project,” said Tracy Deuell, Chief Information Officer. After completing their Progress® BravePoint™ database health check, it was onto a successful data replication project.

The Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2™ replication solution has resulted in a change to EECO’s ETL processes from reactive to proactive, improving its business processes and putting new efficiencies in place. Additionally, the project resulted in a dramatic reduction in the complexity and operating cost of the computing environment, laying the foundation to decommission several legacy reporting applications.

“We’ve had a great shift in just reducing the complexity of our environment. Progress OpenEdge Pro2 is really the cornerstone for driving our data infrastructure strategy going forward,” Deuell said.

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Barbara Ware

Barbara is a Senior Marketing Manager of Global Professional Services at Progress.

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