The Quickest Way to Engage Customers? Do it in Real Time

The Quickest Way to Engage Customers? Do it in Real Time

Posted on December 18, 2019 0 Comments
LiveChat Sitefinity Integration

Customers expect the content they want to be accessible when and where they need it—no delays. LiveChat for Sitefinity allows you to engage customers at the right place, at the right time, with the right content and a human element they’ll love.

Your Customers’ Behavior Has Shifted

Every day, the world is becoming increasingly digital—and so are your customers. For instance, 53% of millennials don’t think store associates have the tools they need to provide great customer service, such as mobile devices for looking up customer profiles and recommending products.

Instead of calling your business to check if a specific product is available, customers check your available products online and when they have questions about your products, they expect instant answers. If they don’t get them, they’ll find another vendor.

This shift in behavior takes the process of customer engagement and service out of your control and into their hands, which can sacrifice purchase decisions.

Old Customer Service Channels Aren’t Cutting It

While customer behavior is shifting, customer satisfaction continues to drop. In 2018, the global benchmark for customer satisfaction was at 82.26%, down 1.5% from 2017. That shows that customers are consistently not receiving instant access to the information they’re looking for.

Typical customer service channels like telephone and email don’t provide that instant access customers clearly want. So, how do you take back control, engage customers, and drive purchase decisions?

Engage Customers in Real Time with LiveChat for Sitefinity

Now you can use the most popular channel of communication—instant message—to engage customers with LiveChat for Sitefinity. LiveChat is a cloud-based live chat and messaging platform that integrates with Sitefinity so that businesses can provide a delightful experience for customers across the entire customer lifecycle.

Like Sitefinity, LiveChat was designed with users in mind. Customers can easily contact you with any questions through the click of a button. Your customer service agents can easily navigate the app to handle inquiries, send their own personalized responses, or send pre-made responses to common questions. Customer service reps can provide valuable answers quickly and customers get the immediate response they expect.

Personalize and Make that Human Connection

LiveChat also enables you to provide personalized customer service based on a customer’s specific interests by giving you a view into where the customer is from, their contact info, and what pages they’ve viewed on your site. This is all while Sitefinity allows you to personalize your digital marketing materials and web content to fit the needs of each persona to drive customer engagement. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that offers personalized experiences. Allow your organization to quickly establish a warm and personal connection with your customers.

Get Real-Time Results

While quickly engaging customers with quick and easy communication, your organization will also be able to easily keep track of chats in process, unanswered chats in queue, and how long customers have been waiting unanswered. Chats can effortlessly be managed between customer service agents and can automatically be directed to specific agents based on the customer need and the agent’s area of expertise. In addition, you can get valuable feedback from customers with built-in customer rating requests for each chat they participate in.

Reap the Rewards

The results don’t stop at just positive customer engagement—they positively affect your bottom line. When customers have a great experience, they’re willing to pay up to a 16% price premium. With personalized, engaging service you can drive more and bigger purchase decisions all while promoting your good experiences throughout the market. With LiveChat for Sitefinity, you’ll satisfy the needs of the modern-day consumer and help your organization become top of mind.

How to Get Started

Ready to engage customers, drive purchase decisions, and drive positive brand awareness? Talk to a Sitefinity expert today and see how LiveChat and Sitefinity can work together to help your organization.


Amy Ward

Amy Ward was a Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Progress.


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