DX Needs on the Rise? Have No Fear, Sitefinity 13.1 Is Here

DX Needs on the Rise? Have No Fear, Sitefinity 13.1 Is Here

Posted on September 02, 2020 0 Comments
DX Needs on the Rise? Have No Fear, Sitefinity 13.1 Is Here

Here are five key digital experience strategies you should begin today—and how Sitefinity 13.1 can help you execute with minimal resources.

2020 is the Year of Digital Experiences

With all of the craziness 2020 has brought us so far, businesses are heavily relying on being able to connect with customers, partners and employees online. If you’re involved with developing, creating or managing digital experiences, you’ve probably seen an influx in requests that are more involved, complex and time-consuming. Lucky you!

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Businesses are asking for more from their digital experience platforms and the teams that manage experiences, including:

Elevating development needs

Rapidly changing business and marketing requirements imply greater digital experience development needs. Without a flexible platform that enables cross-functional productivity, IT risks further increasing costs and resources expended.

Mitigating risk of downtime

Potential downtime can severely impact business goals and prevent future traffic. Digital experience infrastructure needs to be optimized so that it can scale to meet varying and increased demand across regions.

Meeting rising customer expectations

Today’s customers expect personalized and consistent experiences from businesses, across their preferred channels and devices. When DX doesn’t meet these expectations, organizations miss conversion and sales opportunities.

Proving the ROI of marketing initiatives

Marketers have more pressure to achieve growing business goals through their digital campaign efforts. Without proper analytics and insight into campaign performance and target audiences, marketing is prevented from being able to create personalized and optimized campaigns that meet KPIs.

It’s Time to Pivot

If you’re a marketer or developer, you need to quickly adjust your digital strategy and how you execute on that strategy to accommodate these evolving business requirements. Being able to pivot so quickly and accurately, is a feat within itself.

Exceed Expectations with Sitefinity 13.1

Here’s five strategies (broken out by focus on marketer and developer job function), critical to supporting business continuity. And here’s how Sitefinity’s latest release, 13.1, can support you in delivering those strategies:

13.1 For Marketers

Streamline content editing and publishing

Content, from blogs to whitepapers to videos is at the foundation of any successful digital marketing strategy. Being able to streamline the content publishing process from beginning to end allows your team to remove bottlenecks in the workflow, increase your share of voice in the market and meet KPIs faster.

Elevate your voice in an increasingly crowded digital landscape with Sitefinity 13.1. With a modernized image, document and taxonomy UI, managing, organizing and finding content has never been easier. Marketers, content editors and admins can easily build and publish landing pages in minutes (without help from IT) with the .NET Core Page Editor.

Scale multichannel and multilingual content delivery

Your customers, partners and employees have their own preferred channels of communication whether it’s the web, on social media, through email, etc. Wherever they are, you need to be as well. And when you serve a global audience, delivering localized content and messaging on those channels is critical.

But, manually translating content and publishing it through specific channels is too time consuming for many organizations. Sitefinity 13.1 introduces multichannel and multilingual enhancements enabling you to seamlessly manage transitions from single-site to multi-site mode and mono-lingual to multi-lingual mode without altering the customer experience.

Personalize content via cross-channel data

Often, you’re using multiple platforms to reach customers, partners or employees including your CMS, marketing automation platform, CRM, etc. Each system collects and stores unique data about personas, which helps shape your assumptions around their demographics, behavior and preferences. However, housing this data across multiple platforms prevents marketers from collectively analyzing or using the data.

Sitefinity has new connectors for the platforms that marketers are using every day. Release 13.1 introduced an enhanced HubSpot connector. The prior 13.0 release introduced a Google Data Studio connector. Collect visitor data from multiple platforms and analyze the data all in Sitefinity. Engage visitors by building advanced, data-driven persona segments and delivering personalized content to each segment.

13.1 For Developers

Automate the version upgrade process

When your organization requires the very best experiences, it only makes sense you need the very best CMS. That’s why upgrading your CMS is important. It enables you to take advantage of performance, security and capability enhancements. But, the process of upgrading can be a roadblock, usually requiring significant amount of time and resources dedicated from IT.

Sitefinity 13.1 includes an upgrade command that helps automate many of the manual tasks associated with updating the platform. On top of that, Sitefinity Cloud introduced automatic upgrades, streamlining the upgrade process and making it a much less arduous task.

Accelerate frontend development

In the same vain, with rising development needs and customer expectations, you should be leveraging the latest and greatest technology to help you get the job done. With that, Sitefinity continues to evolve its .NET Core support with 13.1. Quickly create and render .NET Core-based content widgets, improving productivity of front-end development and page performance, stability and security.

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Handle Rising DX Needs with Sitefinity 13.1

Your business relies on the delivery of enterprise-grade experiences. Sitefinity 13.1 enables you to quickly develop, create and deploy those experiences with minimal costs, resources or constraints.

Learn more about how Sitefinity 13.1 can support you today.

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Amy Ward

Amy Ward was a Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Progress.


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