DataDirect Upgrades Connectivity to MongoDB

DataDirect Upgrades Connectivity to MongoDB

June 26, 2015 0 Comments

Brad Wright introduces the latest version of DataDirect for MongoDB, which improves performance, usability and support. 

Right now, MongoDB is on fire. According to, it is neck-and-neck with PostgreSQL as number four among most popular databases, making it the most popular NoSQL database option by far. Despite this popularity, organizations adopting MongoDB still often run into challenges integrating their data with SQL-based applications such as analytics tools. You don’t need to worry though, because the latest Progress® DataDirect® for MongoDB ODBC and JDBC release has you covered.

DataDirect provides the only SQL connectivity solution that exposes MongoDB data in the way SQL applications expect–as normalized relational tables–and the only solution that supports normalizing all data in your MongoDB database regardless of the depth and complexity of the documents stored. It’s relational connectivity to MongoDB data with no compromises.

What’s new in DataDirect's drivers for MongoDB?

With our latest releases, ODBC 8.0 and JDBC 6.0, DataDirect ODBC and JDBC drivers for MongoDB are better than ever. Key new features include:

  • Support for the MongoDB aggregation framework, improving performance when executing SQL queries using aggregates, GROUP BY clauses, or HAVING clauses
  • Schema normalization by default with automatic creation of the ideal relational representation of your MongoDB document schema on connection to your MongoDB database
  • A new Restart Wizard, which allows you to easily restart schema normalization using the Schema Tool and an Update Schema feature which detects and normalizes just the new objects in your database
  • MongoDB 3.0 certification and Wired Tiger storage engine support

For a full list of changes, check out the documentation for Progress DataDirect for MongoDB ODBC 8.0 and JDBC 6.0.

Improve your connectivity to MongoDB

MongoDB is a key technology in today’s data landscape. We understand how important it is to be able to provide fast, reliable, high-performance connectivity to the big data on which your company relies. And how crucial it is to maintain your skillset for MongoDB. Why not get a free trial of our MongoDB ODBC or JDBC driver today?

Help us improve!

We’ve worked hard to provide the best SQL connectivity to MongoDB on the market, but we’re not done yet. Don’t hesitate to contact sales or leave a comment below with any suggestions you have for any of our current or future releases.

Brad Wright

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