DataDirect Cloud Adds SugarCRM Support

DataDirect Cloud Adds SugarCRM Support

July 17, 2015 0 Comments

Extend the value of SugarCRM and enhance your BI and analytics with Progress DataDirect Cloud.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has transformed the way we do business. By providing a single point of reference for the entire sales process, CRM applications like SugarCRM have made it easier than ever to gain insights on your customers and more effectively meet their needs. But they can still do more. Despite their massive benefits, CRM applications still struggle when it comes to connectivity with business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools. Thankfully, there is a solution: Progress® DataDirect Cloud®.

The DataDirect Difference

DataDirect Cloud provides a single interface for fast data connectivity no matter where your data lives—on-site or in the cloud. In our latest release, we added support for SugarCRM. Now you can easily connect your SugarCRM data to your BI and analytics software and integrate with ERP systems, data warehouses and SaaS apps.

After adding SugarCRM support, DataDirect Cloud offers:

  • The fastest, easiest way to integrate SugarCRM data with reporting and BI apps
  • Support for market-leading BI tools including Tableau
  • A data hub with real-time data access to SugarCRM
  • A simple, affordable solution to data integration troubles

Extend the Value of SugarCRM

Beyond its power to enhance BI, DataDirect Cloud offers powerful, real-time connectivity between SugarCRM and any of our supported data sources. This includes popular ERP systems, data warehouses and SaaS applications. The ability to access your data from anywhere greatly extends the value of SugarCRM, allowing you to integrate data across your organization and keep it in sync no matter how quickly it changes.

Jump In

DataDirect Cloud is available as a free trial right now. Sign up today and get the most out of SugarCRM. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have, or leave a comment below. We want to hear from you!

Jared Douglas

Jared Douglas is a Marketing Specialist at Progress, working on the DataDirect business. Since earning his Bachelor's degree at North Carolina State University, he has been responsible for coordinating content for the Data Connections blog and talking about the latest and greatest from the world of data connectivity and integration.

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