Canopy Health Accelerates App Development with Progress Health Cloud

Canopy Health Accelerates App Development with Progress Health Cloud

Posted on February 02, 2018 0 Comments
Canopy Health Accelerates App Development with Progress Health Cloud

Canopy Health wanted to make care more accessible, transparent and affordable. Progress Health Cloud helped them make it happen.

Digital health, connected care apps, and mobile initiatives are more important now than ever. Canopy Health, an accountable care organization, is dedicated to providing a better quality of care to people residing in the Bay Area and they have embraced digital transformation as the means to that end. With a large network of physicians and providers, Canopy Health puts a special emphasis on making care more accessible, transparent and affordable for all members.

As a patient-centric provider, Canopy Health wanted to focus on providing a better healthcare experience that simplified many of the complexities surrounding the process. It quickly became apparent that one of the best ways of doing this was by creating a streamlined digital experience across mobile and desktop platforms that was not only patient-friendly but also high impact.

To create this new digital ecosystem, Canopy Health realized that with people increasingly using mobile devices to take care of daily tasks, their new strategy would have to be developed with a “mobile-first” mindset.

However, tackling the expansive mobile landscape is a hurdle that has tripped up many healthcare organizations in the past due to its complexity. There is a massive amount of data that needs to be synthesized across disparate platforms. Trying to develop a mobile app that works well across all platforms is challenging, and the maintenance required to keep everything running requires a lot of time and energy.

After exploring a number of different options, Canopy Health decided to make Progress Health Cloud the heart of their digital strategy, with three areas of focus—a public website, a suite of mobile applications and a member portal.

For the web, Progress Health Cloud delivered “Find a Doctor,” the provider and service directory. It was the framework of choice to build the suite of mobile applications, provided the adaptors to enable the apps to connect to Salesforce Identity, IBM Initiate and other services, and the member portal also runs on Progress Health Cloud.

“We were trying to find an mBaaS platform that would help us accelerate and standardize development across all of these different architectures,” explained Pamela Hudson, Chief Information Officer, Canopy Health. “After doing our research, Progress Health Cloud was the most reliable and mature platform. We also liked that Progress had a short-term and long-term vision for the healthcare space.”

Between initial development costs and application maintenance, Canopy Health estimates an average cost savings of 70% using Progress Health Cloud. At the same time, Canopy has also sped up development from approximately 18-20 weeks using a traditional waterfall approach to six weeks with Progress Health Cloud, and is now able to quickly iterate and gain user feedback.

“My experience with Progress Health Cloud has only been positive. When we’ve had issues and bugs, the account management team has taken our escalations to heart and turned them around on a dime,” said Cathy Farmer, Program Manager for Digital Strategy and Implementation, Canopy Health.

Using Progress Health Cloud, the development team at Canopy Health was able to complete all three projects with fast, efficient and agile development. Members love the user experience the applications provide, and this experience has become a differentiator for Canopy Health in the market.

For Canopy Health, this is only the beginning. Canopy is dedicated to reinventing healthcare for the Bay Area. Read the full announcement here. You can also download the full case study here.

Victoria Garcia

Victoria Garcia

Victoria is a Digital Marketing Analyst at Progress, specializing in product marketing for Kinvey. Victoria has been working with Kinvey for three years and spent several years earlier working in data analysis and marketing. You can follow Victoria on Twitter at @MagnusVictoria


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