Innovate Like a Startup
Deliver for an Enterprise

The Kinvey serverless cloud platform accelerates mobile application
delivery. Just log-in and get started.

faster time to market for apps
reduction in TCO for apps
reduction in frontend development costs

Features and Benefits

How it Works

Progress Kinvey empowers you to develop apps at startup speed on existing enterprise systems. The serverless cloud backend delivers rich client SDKs, function-based microservices, rapid and flex enterprise integrations, robust offline capabilities, cloud cache and security. Just sign in and start developing enterprise apps with your favorite SDK.

Native Apps

Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Client SDK / Libraries

Anonymized Tokens
Operational Intelligence
Digital Lifecycle Management

Identity Connect

Engagement Services

Business Logic

Data Store

File Store

Rapid and Flex Service Integration

Enterprise Data & Authentication

Progress Industry Data

Why Progress Kinvey?

Built-in versioning and lifecycle management enable agile app delivery with no extra effort for your developer teams. Kinvey is a fully managed service, freeing you to focus on the app, not infrastructure or DevOps.

Mobilize Enterprise Data

  • A fully managed and open architecture runs on our cloud or yours (AWS, Azure and GCP).
  • Get built-in compliance, governance and controls required for enterprise data security.
  • Navigate complex systems with responsive multi-vendor support, including access to support teams from Microsoft, IBM, SAP, CA Technologies and more.

Developer Productivity

  • Prebuilt integrations accelerate development by abstracting the complexities of enterprise data.
  • Build rich mobile apps fast with your dev resources.
  • One cross-platform code base means less code to write, test and maintain. Agile teams can rapidly build and iterate apps in response to user feedback and new feature requests.

Built-In Operational Intelligence

  • Ensure compliance with mobile app security policies.
  • Enable level 1/2/3 support staff to conduct fast root-cause analysis and resolve user issues without having to spend time and resources to reproduce problems.
  • Identify and correct performance bottlenecks, proactively or when reported, to ensure optimal user experiences.

Progress Kinvey

Serverless cloud backend delivers data integrations, legacy system mobilization and complete app backends for developers creating new mobile and web applications.