Announcing Progress MOVEit 2022.0 – the essential thing you should stop thinking about!

Announcing Progress MOVEit 2022.0 – the essential thing you should stop thinking about!

Posted on May 17, 2022 0 Comments
What's New with MOVEit 2022

Progress is pleased to announce MOVEit 2022.0, with an outstanding new MOVEit Add-in for Microsoft Outlook that makes securing files with MOVEit simple, intuitive, and easy to deploy across the entire organization, as well as several improvements to security and usability.

The secure transfer of sensitive data is a non-negotiable, essential part of doing business for virtually every organization. Large volumes of files need to be quickly and easily transferred securely to and from, as well as within an organization. Mishandling of sensitive, regulated data and unauthorized access could result in enormous fines, legal liability, and even loss of business. That is why it is vital for data to remain securely encrypted both at rest and in transit, with a tamper-evident audit trail available to prove compliance with regulations. When file transfer volumes scale up to tens or hundreds of thousands of transactions each day, easily implemented automation is required. The constant addition of new partners, vendors, and users to the file transfer workflow necessitates rapid, simple onboarding.

With all of these requirements to consider, it just makes sense to implement a tool that will enable you to set up secure, automated file transfers so that you don’t have to think about them day-to-day. In fact, if you have to spend any time thinking about managed file transfer, you’re doing it wrong! MFT is an essential security capability that, when done properly, is automatic, intuitive, and easy to handle every single day. That is why we recommend every organization with secure file sharing needs to simplify, automate, and take control of MFT with Progress MOVEit. Once in place, MOVEit handles a thousand repetitive file-sharing tasks and questions your IT team won’t have to spend their precious time answering anew from day-to-day.

MOVEit gives you centralized control and visibility over the transfer of all your sensitive files. Your IT team can spend less time developing or maintaining individual file transfer clients and instead focus on supporting business-critical functions. RESTful APIs make it simple to integrate MOVEit in your existing environment. Get peace of mind knowing that your MFT helps you reach and maintain strict compliance standards like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, and more.

“In recent years, web and mobile app accessibility has become increasingly important to enterprises for business and ethical reasons,” said Darin Stahl, Principal Research Advisor, Info-Tech Research Group. “We applaud Progress for continuing to innovate new ways to integrate and add accessibility into their offerings and equip users with the technologies needed to improve web accessibility for all.”


In this release of MOVEit, look for these powerful new features and helpful enhancements:

  • Progress MOVEit Add-in for Microsoft Outlook: Within Outlook clients on Windows, Mac or Outlook on the web, users can now create and send files of unlimited size, view read statuses, recall files, and receive secure files— without leaving their Outlook application. This new add-in represents a significant improvement in terms of security, user experience, functionality, and ease of deployment. It can be deployed through the Microsoft 365 or Exchange admin center, with no client software to install or maintain. 
  • SQL Server Always-On Compatible: Delivering MOVEit as a highly available solution is critical for many organizations. Compatibility with Microsoft SQL Always-On offers organizations an additional level of redundancy to MOVEit deployments, ensuring that MOVEit provides a greater level of availability.
  • Expanded Task Run Logging: Allows customers to select the number of task logs to retain. This is critical for troubleshooting situations where a task failure may have occurred.
  • Report Export Capability: Adds the ability to export task run, file activity, and audit logs from the Web Admin interface.

Additional improvements in MOVEit 2022 include Windows Server 2022 support in Progress MOVEit Transfer and Progress MOVEit Automation and expanded ICAP Anti-Virus/Data Loss Prevention compatibility in MOVEit Transfer.  

Specific details on all improvements in this version can be found in the MOVEit Transfer release notes and MOVEit Automation release notes.

Progress MOVEit 2022.0 is available today. It is a free upgrade from the Progress Community for all customers with a current service agreement. For more information about MOVEit 2022.0 and how to obtain a free trial of MOVEit, click here. 

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David Perez

David Perez was the marketing manager for Progress's Managed File Transfer product, MOVEit.


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