ABM: Making the Unknown Website Visitors Known

ABM: Making the Unknown Website Visitors Known

Posted on October 11, 2016 0 Comments

In our fourth installment of this six-part series, we will explore how we as marketers can expand our reach when personalizing.

In all analytics platforms, we can easily see the breakdown of new versus returning users. And we can identify which pages they go to and how many conversions were completed by group. However, with most analytics platforms, we are unable to see personal identifiable information (PII). By integrating our website with a marketing automation system (MAS) or customer relationship management system (CRM), we can start to see which individuals are actually converting and which pages they are visiting. But there is that group of users that are still unknown to us. What if we could somehow turn them into known users?

The good news is, we can.

Know Your Visitors with Account-Based Marketing

There are companies out there who gather information on these users today, and they offer Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions. These ABM solutions provide a ton of firmographic data, such as company name, industry, audience type, etc. By integrating such solutions into your web analytics, you can now see who your users are even at their very first visit. This makes it possible for us to create engaging experiences for first time users right from the start.

Get Industry-Specific

For example, when we analyze our data, we can see which industries we are getting the most traffic from. Let’s say we see a trend in users from the financial services industry. Applying our personalization strategy to this user segment, we can now deliver a more relevant message applicable to financial services. We can then build upon that message by showcasing customer stories or specific assets for that industry. This will provide an engaging experience for this user segment which will drive them further in their journey to conversion.

Focus on Key Accounts

How else can we use this information to our advantage? Every sales team has a set of key accounts they wish to do business with. With an ABM approach, we can now focus our efforts delivering highly personalized messages to those accounts, increasing their engagement and driving them further down the funnel. By integrating an ABM solution with our analytics platform, we can now identify when these key companies are on our website, even before they fill out a form and make themselves known. This may sound creepy or “big brother-ish,” but it gives us an opportunity to make the website more relevant to the user. Removing the information that is not applicable, we reduce the noise and ease their experience.

Personalize Effectively with the Right CMS

We can even take this a step further by modifying our lead acquisition strategy to leverage a third-party service for ABM, targeting only those accounts with the most potential and engaging them across the funnel with digital advertising—driving only those high value customers to our website. Once on your site, you can use applications such as Sitefinity CMS and Sitefinity Insight to deliver personalized content and messages to these key accounts complementing through their journey.

The opportunity for personalization is endless. Personalization can be powerful. Just make sure you are using it in a responsible and relevant manner.


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Megan Gouveia

Megan Gouveia

Megan Gouveia is a Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Progress Software. She has spent the past 10+ years managing large-scale website initiatives to improve the overall user experience and increase lead generation.  Recently, she has turned her focus to personalization and optimization, delivering data-driven custom experiences for each visitor to the website.


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