Connect to Salesforce database from SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) using the DataDirect Salesforce ODBC Driver

Updated: 04 Jan 2023


The SQL Server Integration Service is an ETL (Extract Transform and Load) Tool from Microsoft for building enterprise-level data integration and transformation solutions. 

It can be used for basic data integration and workflow applications but also can be used to perform broad data migration tasks. It features a data warehousing tool used for data extraction, transformation, and loading.



This tutorial assumes that you have ODBC drivers installed and a data source configured. If you have not yet done these steps, please follow these instructions. Ensure that Visual Studio and ODBC Driver architecture matches. For example, if you have a 64-Bit Microsoft Visual Studio installed then you need to have the 64-Bit version of Progress DataDirect ODBC drivers installed. Most likely, your Visual Studio would be a 32-bit version and you would need a 32-bit driver. 



  1. Download and install the Progress DataDirect Salesforce ODBC driver for your database using the 15-day trial software. In this tutorial, we are connecting to Salesforce.   


  1. 2. Configure a data source for your database. See the DataDirect documentation for assistance with setting up your data source. The sample below uses a data source.  


Configure Connection to Salesforce Driver Using the Configuration Manager

  1. 1. After the DataDirect Salesforce ODBC driver has been installed, open ODBC Administrator to configure the connection and click on Add.  




  1. 2. Choose the “DataDirect X.X Salesforce” driver and click on “Finish.”  




  1. 3. You should now see the ODBC Salesforce Driver Setup pop-up window launched. Add your Data Source Name, hostname, username, and other credentials, and click on “Apply” and then “Test Connect.” If you are connecting to a sandbox use test.salesforce.com instead of login.salesforce.com as your Host Name. Leave the security token blank if you do not have one. 




  1. 4. The Logon Dialog will pop up. Enter your username and password and click on “OK.”  




  1. 5. A pop-up window will confirm that the connection is established.  




Configure the DataDirect ODBC Salesforce Driver with Microsoft Visual Studio

  1. 1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio. You need to create a new SSIS project by going to File → New → Project (as shown in the picture below). 



  1. 2. A new window will appear, and inside that select Integration Service Project (If not appearing, go to Templates → Business Intelligence → Integration Services left side of the window). 


  • Specify a suitable project Name and choose the desired location using Browse... on the lower side of the window, as shown.  

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  • Must ensure SSIS Toolbox is present on the left side of the window and Solution 'Integration Service Project' is present on the right side of the window.  



  • If the SSIS Toolbox does not appear on the left side of the window, then Right Click on Control Flow Page and select SSIS Toolbox 



  1. 3. From the left side of the window, under SSIS Toolbox → Favorites → Data Flow Task