Accessing Salesforce.com data from SAP Business Objects Data Services

Updated: 11 Jun 2018


SAP Data Services is an ETL tool that allows users to develop and execute workflows that take data from applications, Web services, flat-files, databases, etc. and then allows the user to combine, transform, and refine that data, and publish the results to different data store like SAP HANA. In this tutorial you will learn about how you can connect to Salesforce from SAP Business Objects Data Services using Progress DataDirect Salesforce ODBC drivers for your ETL needs.

Download and Install Progress DataDirect Salesforce ODBC Driver

  1. Download Salesforce ODBC driver for Windows 64-bit from Progress website
  2. Extract the PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_ODBC_SF_WIN_64.zip file to your preferred location.
  3. From the extracted folder, run the PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_ODBC_8.0_WIN_64_INSTALL.exe to start the installation.
  4. Complete the installation by following the instructions on installer, it will be a straight forward installation.

Configure Salesforce ODBC Driver

  1. Open ODBC Administrator (64-bit), go to System DSN tab and Add New Data Source.
  2. Choose DataDirect Salesforce Driver and on the Driver Setup Screen, name your DataSource as show below.
    salesforce odbc config1
  3. Go to SQL Engine tab and change the SQL Engine Mode to 1-Serversalesforce odbc - sql engine
  4. Click on Edit Server Settings and Start the Service, by clicking on Start button. You should now see a message saying Service Started.salesforce - start sql engine
  5. Save the Configuration and close it.
  6. Test Connect to check if your Salesforce credentials are working properly.

Connect to Salesforce.com from SAP Data Services

  1. Open SAP BO Data Services and click on Project -> New -> DataStore
    SAP BODS new datastore
  2. On the Create New Datastore configuration, configure it as follow
    salesforce connection config
  3. Click on Apply and close the datastore configuration. You should now be able to access the data in Salesforce
    salesforce data in sap bods

We hope this tutorial helped you to connect to your Salesforce Data from SAP Business Objects Data Services (SAP BODS). Progress DataDirect Salesforce ODBC and JDBC drivers also feature Bulk load for import or export, which will boost your performance when you want to import or export huge data between different systems.You can also connect to Amazon Redshift, Oracle Eloqua etc., using Progress DataDirect ODBC drivers from SAP Data Services. You can also use DataDirect ODBC drivers with other SAP products like SAP Lumira Discovery, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Business Objects Universe etc., Feel free to try the DataDirect drivers for free and contact us know if you have any questions or if you have any issues.

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