MongoDB JDBC Driver for Data Integration with Yellowfin

Updated: 26 Feb 2021

Connecting MongoDB with Yellowfin via MongoDB JDBC Driver

Yellowfin makes business intelligence easy for anyone, from small business to massive enterprises. Here’s how to configure it with DataDirect JDBC connectors.

Basic Commands and Server Log-In Information

Start Server - <Yellowfin Home>\appserver\bin\startup.bat

Stop Server - <Yellowfin Home>\appserver\bin\shutdown.bat

Connect to Yellowfin server - http://<Computer Name>:<Port Number>

•<ComputerName> is the name of the machine on which Yellowfin was installed

•<Port Number> is the port chosen during installation (port 8080 by default).


Once you are at the home page, you can login with the user credentials below:

•User name: admin@yellowfin.com.au

•Password: test

Login with the user credentials

Adding Progress DataDirect JDBC Connection Drivers


This example shows how to configure a connect for JDBC MongoDB driver. Other DataDirect JDBC drivers will follow a similar format.

How to add additional Progress DataDirect drivers:

  1. Copy the JDBC driver JAR file(s) into the Yellowfin/appserver/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/ directory.                                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Edit the file Yellowfin/appserver/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml. Add the class name of the DataDirect driver to the list in the JDBCDrivers parameter.












             com.pb.spectrum.jdbc.driver.BIDataStoreDriver,   ß Be sure to add comma at end of previous line

             com.ddtek.jdbc.mongodb.MongoDBDriver             ß Driver class added for Mongo DB driver



  3. Restart the Yellowfin server for the new driver to become available.


  4. Log into the Yellowfin server. On the Yellowfin homepage, select "Administration" and then "Admin Console."

    Log into the Yellowfin server

  5. Select "Data Sources" and then "Add."


  6. Configure the data source.


    Source Name:         MongoDB  (Any name is good)

    Database:                              Generic JDBC data source

    JDBC driver:                  com.ddtek.jdbc.mongodb.MongoDBDriver

    Connection String:         jdbc:datadirect:mongodb://<MyServer>:27017; SchemaDefinition= C:\\<PathToMappingFiles>\\MyServer.config;

    User Name: xxxxxx

    Password: xxxxxx

    Note: In this example, the user name and password were not required for a connection to MongoDB.Configure the data source

  7. Select “Click here to test the connection.”

A successful connection will display the database name and metadata information.

Click here to test the connection

At this point, Yellowfin reports can be built using the new data source.

To edit a current data source, select "Data Sources" and then click on the data source to edit.

All finished

MongoDB connectivity via JDBC or ODBC is easier than ever with DataDirect JDBC and ODBC connectors for MongoDB. Integrate your MongoDB data without having to duplicate data or flatten complex documents. Visit our information page to learn more.

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