Connect to Eloqua from SAP Lumira Discovery

Updated: 26 Feb 2021


In this article, we will walk through on how you can connect your Oracle Marketing Cloud (Eloqua) data to SAP Lumira Discovery using Progress DataDirect Eloqua JDBC driver. This tutorial assumes that you have SAP Lumira Discovery installed.   While this tutorial uses the Eloqua JDBC driver, these same steps would apply to any other DataDirect JDBC driver. 

In addition to JDBC, SAP Lumira Discovery also has the capability to connect to OData sources. Learn more about DataDirect's solution for OData data sources.

If you haven't already installed the Progress on-premises JDBC driver, please follow these steps:

Install Progress DataDirect Eloqua JDBC Driver

  1. Download DataDirect Eloqua JDBC driver.
  2. Extract the downloaded package PROGRESS_DATADIRECT_JDBC_ELOQUA_WIN.zip and run the setup.exe
  3. Follow through the installer instructions and complete the setup.

Configure Eloqua JDBC driver in SAP Lumira Discovery

  1. Open SAP Lumira Discovery, Go to File -> Preferences -> SQL Drivers -> Generic and uninstall Generic JDBC datasource – JDBC Drivers

  2. 1 Lumira Discovery

  3. Now you should see an Install button at the same place. Click on install and navigate to C:\Program Files\Progress\DataDirect\JDBC_60\lib and locate the eloqua.jar

  4. 2 Lumira Discovery

  5. After installing, you need to restart SAP Lumira Discovery for changes to apply.

Connect to your Eloqua Data

  1. From Datasources, Select Query with SQL -> Generic and choose Generic JDBC datasource – JDBC Drivers
  2. Click on Next and you should see JDBC configuration form as shown below

  3. 3 Lumira Discovery

  4. Fill in the configuration as below:
    • Username: your Eloqua user name
    • Password: your Eloqua password
    • JDBC URL: jdbc:datadirect:eloqua:Company= your company name
    • JDBC Class: com.ddtek.jdbc.eloqua.EloquaDriver
  5. Click on Connect and you should now see the Schema. Select a Table or write a query and click on Preview. You should now see the data and Click on Visualize to start visualizing the data.

  6. 4 Lumira Discovery

    5 Lumira Discovery

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