Connecting Jaspersoft in AWS to an Oracle Database

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Download a complete tutorial for connecting Jaspersoft to Oracle via the cloud!

Tibco Jaspersoft is a Business Intelligence (BI) software suite designed for self-service reporting and analysis. In this tutorial, we'll use Jaspersoft Studio running in AWS to create a report with Oracle data accessed via DataDirect Cloud.

This detailed tutorial covers the following steps:


  • Setting up DataDirect Cloud
  • Setting up the On-Premises Connector, used for connections that span a firewall
  • Configuring an Oracle data source in DataDirect Cloud using JDBC
  • Creating a Jaspersoft Project and a Jaspersoft Project Report


By following this downloadable tutorial, you will be able to setup connectivity to your database and create reports accessing that data using the Jaspersoft Community Edition.  While the steps in this tutorial demonstrate a connection to Oracle, the same steps are applicable to any other data sources supported by DataDirect Cloud.

Use the "Download as PDF" button at the top of this tutorial to download the complete setup steps.

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Connecting Jaspersoft in AWS to an Oracle Database

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