Anomaly Detection and Prediction: The Key to Operational Excellence

Using and profiting from the flood of sensor data coming from every machine used to be out of reach—until now.

reduction in unplanned
boost in overall
equipment effectiveness
increase in an asset’s
operational efficiency

Accelerate Your Industrial IoT Proof of Concept.
Empower your organization to quickly derive true value from your operational data with an IIoT research license from Progress. 

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Harnessing Your Machine and Data Capabilities
Leverage the IIoT and machine data to drive better asset performance via predictive maintenance.

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The Challenge

Transforming Raw Sensor Data Into Intelligent Action

Your machine assets generate massive amounts of data with the potential for extraordinary business value. To extract that value from volumes of data far beyond human management, organizations need to leverage cognitive machine learning.

The Solution

Anomaly Detection and Prediction

The Progress® Cognitive Predictive Maintenance Solution automates data science enabling asset-intensive organizations to gain exceptional control over the torrent of sensor data coming from every machine. The automated approach uses a patented meta-learning solution to detect and predict anomalies, deliver machine health insights, reduce the time required to develop and operationalize models and help data scientists be more effective.

The solution lets you:

Identify Unknown Errors

80% of machine failures come from unknown errors. Cognitive predictive maintenance helps find them.

Analyze Every Asset

A built-in digital twin model accounts for environmental, operational and manufacturing factors.

Increase Data Science Effectiveness

Focus your valuable data science efforts on strategic analysis vs. managing the repetitive tasks required to develop analytical models.

Run Complex Workloads

Distributed processing lets you run complex workloads at scale while reducing the number of modeling experiments needed to devise highly accurate models.

The Business Benefit

Maximize Uptime, Optimize Yield and Improve Quality

Detect, track and act upon asset anomalies and boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Keep assets running and productive by knowing ahead of time when they need maintenance.

Increase Asset Life

Predict and mitigate anomalies before they happen and make your assets last longer.

Boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Progress targets 100% of equipment conditions, detecting both repeated and random failures.

Success Story

How IIoT helped Transform a Gas Pipeline

DataRPM’s Cognitive Anomaly Detection and Prediction (CADP) let the client identify gas pipeline stations with the highest contribution to pipeline performance and the reasons for varying performance between individual stations.

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Why Progress for Predictive Maintenance?

Superior Prediction Accuracy

Partial data sets and generalized models significantly reduce prediction accuracy.

Progress analyzes all machine data to uncover anomalies before they become failures.

Maximize Equipment Effectiveness

Existing approaches detect known, repeated conditions, accounting for only 20% of equipment failures.

Progress detects both repeated and random failures, representing the remaining 80%.

Deliver in Days

Traditional solutions take months to implement and tie up valuable data science resources.

Progress delivers results in days with minimal data science effort.


The Progress Cognitive Predictive Maintenance Solution is powered by DataRPM Cognitive Anomaly Detection and Prediction (CADP)


Cognitive Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT

By harnessing the power of machine learning, asset intensive organizations gain exceptional control over the torrent of sensor data coming from every machine.

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Progress Cognitive
Predictive Maintenance Solution

Detect and predict anomalies by automating machine learning to achieve higher asset uptime and maximize yield.