Data Harmonization for Better Business Decisions

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Is your organization struggling to provide insightful analytics across all your data repositories, including structured (like a database) and unstructured (like PDF or Word documents)? Are you concerned you are making decisions with only “part” of the data picture? 

When information is spread across the enterprise in silos and stored in disparate formats and vocabularies, organizations struggle to find relevant information for analysis, management and reporting.  

Data can power businesses into the future, but only if organizations can make sense of it all. IDC Research predicts that 80% of worldwide data will be unstructured by 2025, yet most organizations only make decisions on the structured portion of their data.  

To effectively manage enterprise information and get a holistic view of it, it is essential for companies to harmonize their data across all sources—structured and unstructured. Discover how harmonizing your data can revolutionize your analytical capabilities, drive informed decision making and unlock hidden insights. 

Watch this webinar to:  

  • Understand the issues impacting the analysis of structured vs. unstructured data 
  • Explore the concept of data harmonization and the use of common metadata vocabularies 
  • Learn how Progress® Semaphore™ can facilitate data harmonization for enhanced analytics, including through extraction of relevant information from unstructured data 

Progress Semaphore's Account Manager, Stephen Reed, explores the pivotal role of data harmonization and its profound ability to knock down the data silos in your organization. He is joined by Jim Morris, Sales Engineer, who will demonstrate the impact data harmonization can have on your analytics capabilities and business decision making. 



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