The Role of Taxonomy and Ontology in Semantic Layers

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Taxonomies, at their core, enable effective classification and management of information. But there is much more you can do with taxonomies to enhance your information architecture—like applying them to a semantic layer. A survey by DBP-Institute found that enterprises using a semantic layer see a 300% increase in business outcomes and reduced data and analytics costs. Progressing from taxonomies to a semantic layer can be a game-changing solution that allows you to connect information silos, alleviate knowledge gaps and derive actionable insights from your data and content.

Heather Hedden, Enterprise Knowledge’s Taxonomy Consultant, goes over the value of taxonomies and why they should be integrated into a semantic layer vs residing in silos. Heather is joined by Jim Morris, Progress Semaphore Senior Sales Engineer, who showcases how to connect data and demonstrate how Progress Semaphore supports the development of a semantic layer.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The essence and purpose of taxonomies in data management
  • Advantages of using semantic layers to leverage organizational taxonomies
  • Common approaches to creating a semantic layer
  • How Progress Semaphore extends taxonomies into semantic layers

Explore how using a semantic layer can enable actionable insights and streamline data and analytics access throughout your organization.

Your Speakers for the Session

Heather Hedden
Heather Hedden

Senior Consultant,
Enterprise Knowledge, LLC

Jim Morris
Jim Morris

Principal Sales Engineer,
Progress Semaphore

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