The Next Frontier for the Enterprise: The Human-AI Collaboration Roundtable Discussion

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AI is pioneering new and innovative opportunities for enterprises, revolutionizing the way they operate and interact within their business ecosystems. To capitalize on these opportunities, an agile, data-first strategy is required to support innovation and growth, enabling human expertise at a machine scale. This exclusive AI roundtable discussion brings together industry experts to delve into the transformative power of AI and highlight the importance of data quality as a fundamental pillar underpinning the reliability, accuracy and relevancy of AI-driven solutions. From empowering workforces with new skills to harnessing AI for data-driven decision-making, the roundtable spotlights the human element steering AI’s integration and evolution within businesses.  

Join Progress MarkLogic's Senior Customer Success Manager, Philip Miller, as he hosts Matthieu Jonglez, VP Technology at Progress, and his team of expert MarkLogic architects, developers and engineers, to discuss industry trends, relevant uses cases and next steps for getting started with your AI data-driven journey.  

During this session, you will gain insights on the: 

  • AI trends and emerging customer-centric use cases 
  • Strategic integration of AI into business processes for driving efficiency and productivity 
  • Ethical considerations, biases, fairness and responsibility in AI deployments 
  • Evolution of data accessibility for the workforce 
  • Need for agile technologies to leverage AI in the enterprise  

Watch now and explore the AI data-driven businesses that are forging new paths through the fusion of human ingenuity and AI capabilities. 


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