The Cloud: Your Secret File Protection Weapon

Data breaches, compliance issues, lost and stolen files; All of these keep us up at night, and they keep your IT and leadership teams up too. 58.4% of enterprises’ critical data is in Microsoft Office Documents, and files are a treasure trove for cyber criminals. They steal files, your files. And these secret-filled files are everywhere and go everywhere.

That’s why the Cloud, in this case, secure file transfer as a service, protects your vital assets – documents, spreadsheets, medical records, personally identifiable information (PII), customer databases – everything you’d hate to lose. At MOVEit, we proudly offer Managed File Transfer in the Cloud, and our team of experts knows just what it takes to safeguard your most precious data assets. Join us in this webinar, where our team shares:

  • How to consolidate all your file transfer activities into one Cloud-based service
  • Why the Cloud makes file transfers secure, effortless and even automatic
  • How you can share data and docs with partners, customers and even internally with ease
  • The benefits of hosting Managed File Transfer in the Cloud
  • And More!
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