MarkLogic Community Event April Edition

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This Progress MarkLogic Community event looks at Progress Corticon. Corticon is a business rules engine that enables subject matter experts to author the complex business logic that drives critical business decisions without coding. By enabling the individuals most familiar with the rules to collaborate with IT stakeholders in their implementation, Corticon helps organizations to eliminate unforeseen logical errors, document the logic upon which a decision is made, and ensure that the implementation of complex business logic automation does not lead to technical debt down the line.

Joining us from Corticon is Seth Meldon, Principal Sales Engineer, and Jim Arsenault Senior Director, Software Engineering. They take you through:

  • The business and technical challenges that Corticon solves.
  • Explaining how the technology itself, Corticon.js can operate directly within the MarkLogic platform, and why it serves as an excellent deployment option within MarkLogic environments.
  • A short demo of Corticon's intuitive UI and how it works
  • Examples of past successes where Corticon has solved some of the most complex business rules challenges and delivered success in large enterprises.

See how Corticon allows organizations to become more agile, allow for efficient decision-making, adhere to ever-changing compliance requirements, save costs by eliminating (manual/inconsistent) repetitive tasks, and improve process efficiency. See how customers have gained up to 90% productivity creating and maintaining complex business logic.

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