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What Is Managed Database Administration (MDBA)?

Feb 27, 2023

See where you’ve been and plan for where you’re headed. Progress OpenEdge is the foundation of your business, meaning you need the tools and services to keep your systems at peak performance. To meet these needs, the Progress Professional Services team offers the Managed Database Administration Service or MDBA. You’ll be paired with a database administrator who treats your business like it’s their own and is supported by the most experienced team of database administrators in the business. The MDBA service offers proactive maintenance along with 24/7 monitoring and support, so you always know what’s happening with your or your customers’ databases. In addition to a database administrator who knows your business, you also have access to a personalized, color-coded dashboard displaying the information most important to you. When you can see the status of all your resources, including customer databases, you can look at past data to spot trends and plan for the future. MDBA is an affordable service adding essential protection, prevention and planning for Progress OpenEdge, the foundation of your business. The MDBA service builds on that foundation to ensure database stability and helps you secure your business’ future. Learn More about MDBA

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