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Progress OpenEdge Pro2 Introduction

Dec 9, 2022

Your Progress OpenEdge data is essential to your success.

The efficiency, peak performance, and reliability of your applications are critical.

So, what’s the easiest way to access your data without disrupting normal business operations or impacting transactional database performance?

Progress OpenEdge Pro2, a data replication solution.

OpenEdge Pro2 data replication creates a channel for transferring Progress OpenEdge data into a Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or target OpenEdge database.

As your data is updated, it is replicated to your desired database in near real-time, letting you expand your use of third party applications such as reporting solutions, business intelligence applications and data warehousing tools.

OpenEdge Pro2 includes an intuitive web interface and dashboards for streamlined data configuration and monitoring.

Installation is quick and easy with the replication wizard.

Progress customers use OpenEdge Pro2 in many different configurations, including accessing data from the cloud and consolidating large enterprise-wide databases.

With OpenEdge Pro2 data replication, your business is set for efficient and effective future growth.

How will Progress OpenEdge Pro2 help you succeed?

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