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Industry Conversations – How Enterprise Knowledge Graphs solve Today’s Information Challenges

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs address today’s biggest business challenge - to process real-time sources of information and retrieve knowledge from data stored throughout the enterprise and beyond.

Knowledge Graphs (KG) are used for knowledge representation and reasoning. They connect knowledge from different domains, data models, and data formats without changing their format. They put data in context via linking and semantic metadata and create a powerful framework to integrate data, discover knowledge, and perform in-depth analysis across the enterprise.

Ann Kelly, Marketing Communications, Semaphore, and panelists Jeremy Bentley, CEO and Founder Semaphore; Dan McCreary, Distinguished Engineer – AI, Optum; and Jans Aasman, CEO Franz discuss the technologies associated with a new way of working:

  • Graph databases – trends, business opportunities, and challenges
  • The role of Semantic AI
  • The use of standards and Open Linked Data

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