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Defect Status in Support Link

Mar 28, 2022

Defects in SupportLink

Hello, and welcome to our video on viewing Defect status within SupportLink.  SupportLink is part of the Progress Community.  We recommend using the Chrome browser and bookmarking directly, to enable you to get here the fastest.  Access to SupportLink requires you to be logged into the community.  Check out our video on Accessing the Community if you need any assistance logging in.  You can access SupportLink by using the Support item in the main navigation or through the SupportLink tile on the community homepage.

Once in SupportLink, you will click on the Defects tile.  You will be taken to a list of defects associated with your cases for the last 12 months.  You can change the view to see all defects by case severity.  These lists show you the defect number, the status of the defect, your case severity and your case number.

The defect number links to more details about the defect itself.  Here you will see the number, status and public description of the defect.

Click on the case number will take you to the case details.  Within the case details, you can find the defect attached to the case in the Case Defects & Case Team section.  Clicking on the defect number here will also bring you to the defect details.

That will wrap it up for this video.  We encourage you to check out our other videos to help you get set up for success with Progress.  Thank you!

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