The Evolution of Metadata Management

Gartner shook the industry by declaring traditional metadata practices as "insufficient" for modern enterprises. The answer? Enter the era of active metadata and learn how to apply it as a game-changer for your data strategy. 

Discover how active metadata revolutionizes data architectures, powering innovations like data fabrics, digital twins, and semantic knowledge graphs. Seamlessly blending with your data, active metadata travels everywhere, enhancing its meaning, relationships, and governance.

Read this whitepaper to understand

  • The shift from passive to semantic, active, and augmented metadata.
  • Why and how you should put metadata at the center of your data strategy
  • How to harness the power of AI and machine learning for automated metadata management.
  • How to overcome challenges like rigid structures, manual input, and disjointed metadata layers.
  • How metadata can accelerate insightful decision-making and drive data agility.

A must read for data architects striving for excellence in metadata management!


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