The Cloud: Your Secret File Protection Weapon

Cybercriminals love files. They’re a stockpile of all the good stuff — financial information, PII, technical documentation, confidential information, and more. Most IT organizations are overworked and understaffed. Meaning critical updates, often containing security patches, fall behind. That makes businesses more vulnerable to cybercriminals. That’s where the cloud comes in. A cloud solution , in this case, secure managed file transfer as a service, protects your vital data by keeping your infrastructure up to date, without your team having to lift a finger. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • Why the cloud makes file transfers secure, effortless, and automatic
  • How to share data and docs with partners, customers, and internally with ease using the cloud
  • What the consolidation of all your file transfer activities into one cloud-based service means for you
  • The benefits of hosting Managed File Transfer in the cloud
  • And more!
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