Data Harmonization with a Semantic Metadata Hub

Data harmonization enables companies to manage enterprise information more effectively by providing a holistic view of all enterprise information, structured and unstructured, regardless of location and type. Harmonizing information using a Semantic Metadata Hub impacts every part of the enterprise—from connecting data across business processes to helping secure sensitive information to holding the key to your most valuable assets.

A Semantic Metadata Hub allows organizations to: 

  • Bring together multiple data types from disparate sources to provide a single view of your organization's information
  • Provide relevant information to a broad range of internal and external stakeholders in real time for analysis, reporting and management
  • Better comply with regulatory compliance to decrease organizational and reputational risk and avoid penalties
  • Serve as a foundational pillar for the creation of data fabric and knowledge graph databases

Download the whitepaper to learn how a Semantic Metadata Hub can minimize the time, expense and effort associated with adding new data sources. You’ll discover first-hand how to enable your users to quickly evaluate results based on new data without the need for lengthy processes or IT support.

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