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eBook: Sparking Agile Business Decisions

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Businesses today are in a great position to know what decisions should be made and when to quickly adjust to changing market demands. There is a huge opportunity for collaboration between IT, business operations and analysts to be more agile through decision making technologies.

That’s where Business Rules comes in. A Business Rules Management System (BRMS), driven by a powerful rules engine, provides an intuitive way for IT and business units to determine the rules that dictate how applications behave.

This eBook shows you:
  • How companies like eBay and NCAA are reducing change cycles by as much as 90%
  • Why rules management can implement policies and rules faster
  • How to lower the cost of IT implementation and compliance using business rules
Automating business decisions takes business agility to a whole new level. Packed full of industry examples and real-world customer stories, this eBook is your guide to reducing turnaround time for change requests and unplanned changes using Progress Corticon.

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