Meet Challenges and Seize Opportunities
With Help From the Experts

Progress Labs is a technology incubator that leverages our leadership in mission-critical business application infrastructure to address your business opportunity or challenge.

The Progress Labs Methodology

Your Challenge

You have a business or technology problem—or opportunity—without an available solution in the marketplace. You don't have the resources to build your own solution, and you need to prove value to the business before you make a significant investment.

Where Progress Labs Comes in

Progress experts will define and refine the business issue, identify opportunities and create a pilot with the latest technology to apply to the issue.

The Progress Advantage

You leverage all the skills and experience of a stable, leading technology vendor (NASDAQ:PRGS) to help address your toughest challenges and biggest opportunities without the risk inherent in breaking new ground.

Success Story

Progress NativeChat:
Deliver Outstanding Customer Self-Service

Progress NativeChat is an artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying customer self-service chatbots. It is a product incubated in and graduated from Progress Labs.

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Active Projects

Project WorkEasy

Continuous Monitoring with Modern
Alerts for Marketers and Sales

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Project AppliedARVR

Simplify AR/VR adoption for your business users

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Future Areas for Projects

Adaptive Security

Intelligent protection
and control

Adaptive Security
Conversational UX

Bots, speech and language

Enterprise Software

Digital transformation in every

Enterprise Software
Developer Productivity

Tools, frameworks, processes

>Developer Productivity
Digital Health

Mobile, wearable, and personalized

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and inference

The Internet of Things

Fog and edge computing

Application Architectures

Designed for the cloud and mobility

The Progress Labs Process

Define your project

Sign up for a pilot

Work with the founding technology team to scope your pilot

The Teams

Depending on the scope of the pilot, team members include hard-to-find modern talent such as:

Software Engineers
Data Scientist
Data Scientists
UX Designers
UX Designers
Product Management
Product Management

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If you have a business challenge that you hope to address with emerging technology, innovation and imagination, please reach out to us. We're eager to learn about what you're up to and explore potential solutions in a one-on-one discussion with you.