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Challenge the Ordinary.
Invent Boldly. Reinvent Rapidly.

Progress Labs is a technology incubator that takes a scientific approach to innovation to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. Our mission is to invent boldly in our quest to provide the best platform to build and deliver the next generation of business applications.

Core Principles

Culture of Learning

Focus on key learnings, not success or failure.

Rapid Prototyping

Optimize for adaptability, not scale.

Short Loops

Optimize the scientific method loop length.

Product-Market Fit

The only thing that matters.

Success Story

NativeChat: Deliver Outstanding Customer Self-Service

Nativechat is an artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying customer self-service chatbots. It was incubated in and graduated from Progress Labs.

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Active Projects

Project WorkEZ

Continuous Monitoring with Modern
Alerts for Marketers and Sales

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Project AppliedARVR

Simplify AR/VR adoption for your business users

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Future Areas for Projects

Adaptive Security

Intelligent protection
and control

Adaptive Security
Conversational UX

Bots, speech and language

Enterprise Software

Digital transformation in every

Enterprise Software
Developer Productivity

Tools, frameworks, processes

>Developer Productivity
Digital Health

Mobile, wearable, and personalized

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and inference

The Internet of Things

Fog and edge computing

Application Architectures

Designed for the cloud and mobility

The Scientific Method

method m

The scientific method shares many principles with lean and agile practices in business and software development. It may also sound familiar to entrepreneurs and growth hackers, people who bootstrap startups around ideas and hypotheses describing their customers’ behavior. We draw on this body of knowledge as well as experiences at other successful technology incubators to design the Progress Labs innovation process.

The Teams


Every year a new cohort of extraordinary teams join the Labs while others graduate the program. Teams generally spend a few months to a maximum of two years testing their ideas by implementing a sequence of experiments carefully designed to prove their economic and customer value.

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If you have a business challenge that you hope to address with emerging technology, innovation and imagination, please reach out to us. We're eager to learn about what you're up to and explore potential solutions in a one-on-one discussion with you.