XML Converters

How to upgrade Progress DataDirect XML Converters from an evaluation installation to a licensed installation

To upgrade, see "Installing DataDirect XML Converters™" in the Progress DataDirect XML Converters Installation Guide and follow the procedure for installation. When asked to choose an installation type, select the Licensed installation option. When asked to enter your product license information, add the product license key or keys provided to you by Progress DataDirect.

How much code does it take to transform EDI into XML?

Only 10 lines of code! See http://www.xmlconverters.com/tutorials/converter-sample-code.html for some sample code.

What is Stylus Studio® and why should I use it?

Stylus Studio® is an award-winning XML IDE which provides advanced XML tools support for building DataDirect XML Converters™ applications by providing integrated features for defining custom XML conversions, code generation, XML pipeline development and much more. Stylus Studio is available for Windows 2000 SP2, Windows XP and Windows Vista. More information on this XML IDE can be found on xml-tools. Please contact Stylus Studio support for any further questions.


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