How can I determine what version and build of the JDBC driver I am using?

Assuming your class path is setup correctly, you can use the following command, java <class name>. For example, to find out the version of SQL Server, type,

"java com.ddtek.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver" 

How do I setup a connection to Websphere Application Server 5.x?

See Knowledge Base Document ID 000004318

How do I insert and retrieve BLOB data using JDBC?

See Knowledge Base Document ID 000044806 for examples written in Java.

How do I connect to a particular SQL Server 2000 named instance with Connect for JDBC?

To connect to a named instance using a connection URL, use the following URL format:


server_name is the IP address or hostname of the server.
instance_name is the name of the instance to which you want to connect on the server.

Do the Connect for JDBC drivers support UNICODE?

Multi-lingual applications can be developed on any operating system platform with JDBC using the Connect for JDBC drivers to access both Unicode and non-Unicode enabled databases. Internally, Java applications use UTF-16 Unicode encoding for string data. When fetching data, the Connect for JDBC drivers automatically perform the conversion from the character encoding used by the database to UTF-16. Similarly, when inserting or updating data in the database, the drivers automatically convert UTF-16 encoding to the character encoding used by the database.

The JDBC API provides mechanisms for retrieving and storing character data encoded as Unicode (UTF-16) or ASCII. Additionally, the Java string object contains methods for converting UTF-16 encoding of string data to or from many popular character encodings.

Does Connect for JDBC support windows authentication?

Yes! Starting with the 3.3 release of the Connect for JDBC SQL Server driver, DataDirect now offers a Pure Java implementation that supports windows authentication via Kerberos. With the 3.4 SP1 release, DataDirect also introduced support for windows authentication via NTLM or Kerberos using a DLL. Customers using release 3.4 SP1 or higher of the Connect for JDBC SQL Server driver can choose either the Pure Java or DLL methods for using windows authentication with SQL Server. Check your driver README or Connect for JDBC Reference documentation for more information on configuration of this product feature.

Refer to the DataDirect Connect for JDBC Installation Guide for product requirements and configuration that must be satisfied to use Windows authentication with the SQL Server driver.

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