Connect64 XE for ODBC

For DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC, what databases and platforms are supported?

Currently, Progress DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC supports Teradata V2R6.1, V2R5.1.x, V2R5.0.x, and V2R4.1.3. See the latest support matrix for database and platform support for Connect64 XE for ODBC.

Is client software required when connecting to Teradata?

Yes, the Teradata driver requires Teradata CLIv2, TGSS, and ICU client software on all platforms.

How are Connect XE for ODBC and Connect64 XE for ODBC different?

DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC is comprised of 32-bit binaries. It is linked with specific 32-bit operating system libraries and supports only 32-bit addressing. DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. Connect64 XE for ODBC was built on the DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC code base, and is comprised of 64-bit binaries. It is linked with specific 64-bit operating system libraries and supports only 64-bit addressing. DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC will only run on 64-bit operating systems.

How do I know whether to use DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC or Connect64 XE for ODBC?

If your application was built with 32-bit system libraries, you must use Connect XE for ODBC.

It is important to remember that the only factor to consider in this decision is the application that will be using the ODBC driver. It does not matter if the database you are connecting to is 32-bit or 64-bit enabled.

Is DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC faster than DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC?

DataDirect is always focused on performance. It is difficult to compare performance between these two products, because they run in different environments. DataDirect is committed to delivering the same quality of performance with each of the products in similarly defined environments. Any changes for performance made to one product, will be introduced into the other whenever possible.

Will DataDirect continue to support DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC, now that DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC is available? If so, for how long?

DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC and DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC are two separate product lines. The introduction of DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC does not alter any plans DataDirect has for DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC. Both products will be supported going forward.

How can I upgrade to DataDirect Connect64 for ODBC?

DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC is a separate product from DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC. There is no generic "upgrade" path for this. Click here to download an evaluation copy of DataDirect Connect64 XE for ODBC. Contact your Progress DataDirect sales rep for more details.

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