Introducing the Future of Smart Manufacturing

Leverage all your industrial data for smarter operations and more profitable factories.

There’s No Time—or Data—to Lose

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provides endless supplies of rich data. An improvement of just 1% in data utilization can have an annual impact of millions of dollars—if you apply the right analytics to your IIoT data.

Progress® DataRPM™ Anomaly Detection and Prediction helps you clearly visualize every potential opportunity for enhanced machine reliability and yield by predicting 100% of all asset failures.

Smart Manufacturing Powered by Cognitive Intelligence

Anomaly Detection and Prediction organizes, structures and analyzes the massive time-series data from connected industrial machines for insights that can be turned into a wide variety of business benefits—from reducing scrap generation to enhancing product output and quality.


Anomaly Detection

The key is anomaly detection—the process of identifying outliers in a normal range of performance. Historical data, current data and external influencing factors are analyzed simultaneously to establish baselines for asset performance on an ongoing basis.


Predictive Maintenance

When implemented through unsupervised machine-learning, anomaly detection can help predict future anomalies before they happen so you can take appropriate action. The result is assets that last longer and perform at their best—helping you avoid costly repairs and downtime.


Unbeatable Performance
70% reduced diagnostic time
45% fewer product recalls
35% reduction in warranty claims
Enhanced Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
50% lower manufacturing costs
5% increase in production volume
95% higher equipment availability
Reduced Operating Costs
25.3% reduction in inventory costs
25% lower operating costs
30% gross margin increase
Success Story

Surging Maintenance Costs Are a Thing of the Past With DataRPM

A leading industrial manufacturer achieved a massive reduction in maintenance costs and increased operational efficiency by being able to predict washing machine failures way ahead of time.

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Solution Brief

Boost revenue by creating a failure-proof environment that functions at optimum efficiency. Any asset-intensive industry can benefit from cognitive anomaly detection and prediction:


Anomaly Detection and Prediction for Manufacturing

Industrial machines work continuously, generating millions of data points every second. Harnessing that rich data leads to business benefits, including:

  • Boosting operational agility and extending overall asset life
  • Slashing unplanned asset downtime and increasing overall equipment effectiveness
  • Automating predictive maintenance for the enterprise
  • Impacting the bottom line by eliminating unplanned failures
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Progress Anomaly Detection and Prediction

Detect and predict anomalies by automating machine learning to achieve higher asset uptime and yield maximization.