SYS CON Media February 13, 2014

Five Things Developers Need to Know About PaaS

Progress CTO Karen Padir will present the five things developers need to know at CloudExpo in June 2014.

Dr. Dobb’s February 11, 2014

Database Trends and Applications February 11, 2014

Data Integration in the Era of Big Data: How Businesses Are Leveraging Value From Diverse Data Sources

Tony Fisher addresses data integration challenges and requirements in the new era of big data.

Microscope February 10, 2014

Develop anywhere, deploy everywhere

Mark Armstrong explains the new rules of application development in the channel.

Business Cloud February 5, 2014

Is Platform-as-a-Service the new black?

Ramesh Loganathan draws a parallel between the trend of Platform as a Service adoption and fashion.

Wired Innovation Insights February 3, 2014

New Year, New Data Trends

Tony Fisher shares the idea behind the Progress DataDirect Connectivity Outlook Survey.

Mobile Enterprise January 31, 2014

Visual Studio Magazine January 31, 2014

Data Survey: Microsoft Fending Off Challengers, for Now

Progress DataDirect Connectivity Outlook Survey results reveal Microsoft is maintaining its lead in the big data space but new players may be coming to the forefront.

Heise Developer Germany January 30, 2014

ABC January 30, 2014

Business app creation: Citizen Developers and Application Escalation

Peter Fuller defines the challenges that exist for the citizen developer.