The Business Impact of
Predicting Unplanned Downtime:
A Webinar with IDC

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Ever wonder how you can predict unplanned downtime and unscheduled maintenance? And the impact it could have on your business? The key to using every asset to its fullest potential lies in successful digital plant operation. 

You'll hear from IDC Analyst, Kevin Prouty, and Progress’ VP of Product Marketing, Mark Troester, IoT thought leaders on:

  • How to leverage the industrial Internet of Things data to detect and predict anomalous signals to avoid unplanned outages
  • How to use new-age concepts like digital twins and automated machine learning for asset performance and lifecycle management
  • How DataRPM keeps assets running and fosters success and continuous improvements, operationally



Kevin Prouty

Kevin Prouty

IDC Analyst

Mark Troester

Mark Troester

VP of Strategy
Progress DataRPM

Industry Recognitions and Awards

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