12 Reasons Why You’ll Love Ucommerce for Sitefinity

12 Reasons Why You’ll Love Ucommerce for Sitefinity

Posted on January 30, 2020 0 Comments
Ucommerce for Sitefinity

Ucommerce for Sitefinity makes managing content and commerce easy, with one seamlessly integrated solution. Read on to discover 12 key reasons why marketing, sales, and IT will all love this new integration.

The success of your business is dependent on how well your ecommerce store can engage and convert customers. Without the right content and commerce platform in place, businesses risk working in siloed systems, misaligning IT, marketing and sales teams and delivering a generic customer experience. Ucommerce for Sitefinity works for your business—by eliminating these risks and enabling you to drive more purchase decisions.

Ucommerce is a market-leading .NET based commerce platform, now offered by Progress as a partner ecommerce integration for Sitefinity. And, we’ve been dying to tell you all about it! Here’s the best of the best of what this integration has to offer.

1. Maximize Your Return on Investment

Providing a personalized, engaging digital customer experience means giving your customers personalized content, communications, and products throughout every step of their customer journey. Doing this means committing a good chunk of time, money, labor and day-to-day management to make it happen.

Ucommerce for Sitefinity allows organizations to manage a fully equipped website and web shop, easily and cost-effectively. This integration offers all the core capabilities needed to run a successful web shop efficiently, even if your organization has limited resources. And, with built-in productivity tools, workflows, permissions, and more, your teams will be able to do more, faster than ever.

2. Align Your Marketing, IT, and Sales Teams

Your teams are used to working in different systems, due to the different duties and tasks that come with their roles. But, working in separate systems often leads to siloed data and processes, requiring more time and effort to finish projects.

Ucommerce for Sitefinity enables marketing, IT, and sales to execute on critical tasks in one platform. Enable your teams to act as one and ensure their priorities and tasks are aligned, eliminating duplicate or conflicting priorities.

3. Execute Key Business Objectives

Separate sets of KPIs are usually tracked in numerous siloed systems. This prevents your organization from setting objectives that are aligned and will lead your team on the quickest path to meeting business objectives.

In addition, Ucommerce for Sitefinity allows you to utilize data from all functions to gain insights on the health of the business as a whole and create a plan of attack on how to improve moving forward. Drive continuous improvement and gains towards your business objectives.

4. Learn and Optimize the Buyers’ Journey

Some of the most valuable information for an ecommerce shop is related to the buyers’ journey: How did users find your site? What pages do they often visit? How long do they stay on the page? What actions do they take? Ultimately, how engaging and streamlined the buyers’ journey is directly impacts conversions.

With Sitefinity’s journey analytics capabilities, organizations can track various persona segments and identify friction points in the journey that prevent conversions. Discover ways to improve the journey, provide a better digital customer experience, and increase conversions.

5. Deliver a Personalized Digital Customer Experience

It's more vital than ever to elevate your digital customer experience. In fact, 64% of customers find customer experience more important than price when shopping.

But what makes for a good customer experience? Personalized treatment for every shopper. Consumers want to feel their needs and buying habits are understood by retailers. With Sitefinity’s personalization capabilities, you can deliver tailored content to every audience.

6. Support Complex Pricing Scenarios

The pricing of your products is key to making revenue. But pricing is often dynamic. For example, some transactions may be handled differently internally, some pricing may be targeted to different segments, and some pricing may increase or decrease with time.

Your ecommerce solution needs to be able to support complex pricing scenarios, with a pricing engine that supports tiered pricing, discounts, promo codes, multicurrency pricing, etc. Ucommerce for Sitefinity makes checkout easy for your customers, and internally, your team can easily manage many pricing strategies or checkout scenarios.

7. Manage Many SKUs Quickly and Efficiently

All of your products are unique in some way—whether it’s their value, size, color, or use. Every product requires its own specific description, images, categories, tags, and set of reviews. Manually uploading, updating, and editing product information becomes extremely burdensome when you have a large number of SKUs.

Ucommerce for Sitefinity allows you to manage and update product information in one catalog manager. In addition, you’re able to show your products in multiple channels, categories, and stores, which all update automatically when one is updated.

8. Handle Orders with Ease

Now that you’re driving more visitors, engagement, and purchases, you need to ensure you can handle influxes of orders. Order Management Systems are vital so that you can keep track of orders and deliver the right things to the right customers at the right time, ensuring a delightful customer experience.

Ucommerce for Sitefinity’s built-in Order Management System allows you to set up workflows and build rules on how orders should be completed and processed in the system. Keep track of orders and discounts used in a dashboard and make changes to orders if needed.

9. Integrate with Critical Back-Office Systems

To provide the best digital customer experience, you need to ensure every interaction with the customer is consistent and personalized. Each interaction in the customer journey is usually tracked in a different system or platform, causing differences in experiences across the journey.

Ucommerce for Sitefinity easily integrates with Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Marketing Automation platforms, and more through extensive APIs. Share data between systems and utilize one connected platform to provide the best experience possible along every step of the journey.

10. Sell Your Products Internationally

If you sell products to multiple countries, you need a platform that supports easy communication, pricing, and orders across multiple regions, so that the platform handles these complexities instead of your marketing and IT team.

Sitefinity’s multilingual capabilities make it easy to make content readable in different regions and languages, without having to make manual translations. In addition, Ucommerce supports multicurrency payments, so your products are easily available worldwide.

11. Handle Spikes in Traffic at Peak Times

In ecommerce, its vital to have a web shop that can offer peak performance in the highest traffic times – product launches, sales, Black Friday, etc. If your website goes down, you lose sales that you may never get back.

With Sitefinity Cloud, handle bumps in traffic with autoscaling, as well as Azure CDN and 99.9% Service Level Agreement. Drive engagement and purchases with a responsive site.

12. Protect Customer and Company Data

Your shoppers are worried about security and data privacy more than ever. 87% of websites have mid-level security weaknesses. You need to protect your mission critical application and ensure your customers’ privacy isn’t being risked to gain their trust and ultimately gain new customers.

Sitefinity Cloud provides you with hardened security capabilities that prevents bad actors from stealing your data, with SSL Certificate/SSL Encryption, Virtual Network, OS & Runtimes, WAF, and Azure Security Center.

Contact a Ucommerce for Sitefinity Expert

Now you can do more and sell more, even with limited resources, with Ucommerce for Sitefinity. Contact our experts to learn how Progress can help you revamp your entire digital customer experience and customer journey.


Amy Ward

Amy Ward was a Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Progress.


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