What’s Your Data Ailment?

What’s Your Data Ailment?

Posted on November 04, 2014 0 Comments

Do you have anxiety about bringing external data objects into Salesforce.com? Are you suffering from migraines because data is fragmented across many systems with no correlated view in sight? If you do, symptoms might include the inability to provide reports that span the customer engagement, from web to won, or frustration that that data is trapped inside of Google Analytics, my Marketing Automation platform, and Salesforce.com.

How about data ADHD caused by a merger that has resulted in 3 marketing, and CRM systems? You know this is the diagnosis when you have symptoms like the desire to provide the sales team with a single place to view customer data, right in Salesforce but can’t access all the information cleanly and simply.

If your data is prone to the fall season and is suffering from the common cold because reporting, batch rollups, backups, and integrations are just operating too sluggishly - we can help.

If you were at Dreamforce you may have seen our booth decked out as a data diagnosis center. We know that organizations have many challenges when it comes to preparing, integrating and using data. That’s why we’ve continued this diagnostic tool online. Check in now for your Progress prescription. No matter what your ailment, we will have ideas. And it’s way better than getting that flu shot you’ve been putting off.

Adam Breakey

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