What's new in Progress DataDirect Data Integration Suite (DIS) 6.0?

What's new in Progress DataDirect Data Integration Suite (DIS) 6.0?

Posted on January 25, 2011 0 Comments

Periodically, in addition to the news and trends you'll find here at the blog, we'll give you information on updates to the products that many of you are using. As always, feel free to comment or add any features you wish to be included - we love feedback!

With the release of Progress DataDirect Data Integration Suite (DIS) v6.0, Product Development has added new functionality and enhanced support for the DIS XML Converters.

We now support the following new converters:

NCPDP Telecommunications and Batch (healthcare) ACORD AL3 (insurance) IATA AHM780 (travel)

We have also updated EDI support to include all versions of NCPDP SCRIPT. Additionally, the updated EDI support includes the following:

IATA Cargo-IMP versions 21-26 and 28 X12 006020X12 BIN and BDS segments

DIS v6.0 also has updated EDI support for EDIFACT D09A and D09B.

Again, if you have a need for a conversion to XML of a particular file type, or any other feedback, please feel free to contact us!


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