Tour Our Community!

Tour Our Community!

Posted on December 10, 2014 0 Comments

Since launching our new Progress Community in October of 2013, we've seen tremendous growth and interaction from the people that mean the most to us, Progress developers! But, we’re not going to stop there! Everyone who is passionate about Progress should consider joining the Progress Community, and there are many reasons why.

First, it’s easy to navigate and you can easily draw relevant content to fuel your needs or interests. We've set it up by product, so all you need to do is find the group for the product you’re working with, go to the page, join it and ask your questions. In that product area you will also find forums, wikis, documents and ideas to get your questions answered and get you started on your next great app. You’ll be able to debate topics with others who, just like you, are passionate Progress users with knowledge and experience to share.

In addition to the product groups, we have “Industry Groups” where members/users can discuss and connect on industry trends such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, IoT and Social. We also have tons of dedicated groups for Progress users in different regions around the world! Check out our PUG Community page and join your user group now.

For developers looking to share and find code, our Community is the place to go! We've created a Code-Share group where users can reference our catalog of repositories and host them anywhere, including GitHub, BitBucket, or Google Code. So, make sure you take advantage!

Watch the video below to take a quick tour of the Progress Community and join us today at


Jean Richert

Jean Richert is Director, Online-Community at Progress.


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