Top 5 Ways Digital Will Grow Your Business in 2016

Top 5 Ways Digital Will Grow Your Business in 2016

Posted on January 21, 2016 0 Comments
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As customer expectations around digital engagement continue to rise, a robust digital presence isn’t optional anymore—it’s essential.

Can you think of a day in the past year where you didn’t use the internet? Neither can your customers. With the number of mobile internet users growing from zero in 2005 to well over a billion today, the digital landscape is evolving more quickly than ever before. Buyers expect to be able to find answers with the digital tools of their choosing, and are deep into the buying cycle before they ever reach out directly to a vendor.

In short, being both digitally present and engaging is extremely important. The bright side of that fact is that this represents a tremendous opportunity for growth. Even if you already do some form of digital marketing, you can utilize the ideas we outline below to really scale your business up to a new level.

We recently hosted our Progress Digital Marketing webinar, where our VP of Digital Marketing, Tom Berger, broke down the five key elements of digital marketing you need to scale in 2016:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In a nutshell, SEO is about how well your webpages rank on Google. Improving your SEO and getting your content to page one will be a big boost for your business.

2. Social Media

Your customers are looking to engage with you. By going to where they are and starting genuine conversations, you end up with more engaged—and more loyal—customers.

3. Content

The days of simply pushing your content out are over—content needs to pull customers in. Give them a good experience, and you’ll boost your credibility and your sales.

4. Email

You’ve probably been sending email for a long time now, but it’s imperative to do it right. Optimize your email campaigns and measure the results, so that customers don’t tune your message out.

5. Websites

Websites need to do more than just present information to your users. You need to engage them quickly, and then guide them down a path to purchase that’s easy and clear.

Whether you’re curious to learn more about just one of these or all five, we’ve got the resources to help you master your digital marketing challenges. Visit our Digital Marketing Resources page to learn more about each element. After you’ve done that, be sure to tell us how we can help you this year. We’re committed to helping you grow your market in 2016.

We’ve learned from experience, perfecting even one of these elements will help you scale your business. Don’t let another year full of digital opportunities go by, and improve your digital presence today.

AJ Kriete

A.J. Kriete

A.J. Kriete ia a Partner Marketing Manager that works with North America based OpenEdge Partners to help them drive revenue through demand generation marketing activities


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